Today we’d like to introduce you to Franck Fortier, Atelier m’alice trainer. In this article, we’d like you to find out more about his career and his day-to-day work as a baker-trainer.

Franck Fortier, now a baker trainer, has always wanted to do this job.

He even admits that this desire may have come from   his family:

‘I have two older brothers who are bakers, so that must have influenced me!

After gaining his bakery CAP in 2006, Franck Fortier embarked on a tour of France with the Compagnons du Devoir. After two years spent in different parts of France, Franck obtained his Brevet Professionnel.

Once he had his qualifications, he decided to perfect his skills by working as a baker in various shops:

‘For 6 years, I changed businesses regularly, which taught me to adapt to each boss and to regional specialities’.

This experience enabled him to improve his skills and become a Head Baker, specialising in sourdough products.

Since then, he has been a ‘consultant baker’ with us at Minoteries du Château and works as a trainer at national level for our training centre, atelier m’alice.


Franck Fortier World Bakery Champion and Trainer Atelier m

Franck’s passions include working with living matter and transforming raw materials into products. Although he is passionate about his job,it is above all his desire to share that led him to become a training baker:

Franck particularly enjoys talking to bakers who are passionate about their trade and the world of baking.

“What inspires me is talking to customers. I like identifying their problems and doing everything I can to meet their needs.”

With him, you can come and perfect your bakery skills at Atelier m’alice. In fact, training courses with Franck are very friendly. The aim is to work seriously but in a relaxed atmosphere!

Find out more about the courses run by Franck Fortier in our training catalogue, by clicking below:

See Franck Fortier’s training course

Finally, if you’d like to meet Franck for technical advice about your bakery, don’t hesitate to contact us. He regularly visits bakeries, particularly those based in the Great West of France.

To challenge himself, he even decided to take part in the French Bakery Cup 2021 at the SIRHA in Lyon. Accompanied by Mathieu Paulmery, also a m’alice trainer, and Adrien Bazoge, Franck Fortier trained for weeks on end. The trio will represent the Pays de la Loire region at the competition in September 2021.

In the end, Franck and his team were awarded first prize in the 15th Coupe de France de la Boulangerie! This place on the podium of this prestigious competition is proof of the meticulousness and expertise of Franck Fortier, who is passionate about his profession.

This victory has enabled him to be spotted and selected (in November 2022) for the Bakery World Cup. 22 candidates entered to make up the French team: 1 candidate in the bread category (Franck), 1 candidate in the viennoiserie category (Fabien Nolay), and one candidate in the artistic category (Xavier Sacriste).

On 22 January 2024, Franck Fortier won the Bakery World Cup at the Sirha Europain show in Paris.