French bread making training is one of the values of Atelier m’alice. We are pleased to announce that in May 2023 we will be intervening in the Netherlands.

Indeed, Atelier m’alice and Bakery Institute are joining their expertises to create a two-day collective training in May 2023.

Photo des responsables des deux écoles partenaires

Tamara Hoogerwaard, Bakery Institute Director (on the left) and Marie Clidière, in charge of Atelier m’alice (on the right).

Created in 2011, Bakery Institute got specialized in bakery trainings for the professional bakers.

Their goal was to help to increase the skills of bakers while working on quality raw materials and high-level technical gestures.

Then, this bakery intitute nearby Amsterdam its know-how for individuals and people wishing to convert.

In order to answer to the masterclass demand and the conversion objectives (in bakery, pastry, viennoiseries and even chocolate), Bakery Intitute works with passionate trainers and experts in core subject.


Bakery Institute members are visionnary. Thanks to ther expertise and open-mindedness, they create innovative concepts and shape the future of bread! Do not hesitate to discover the team of Bakery Institute  on their website.

Exactly like Bakery Institute, Atelier m’alice offers :

But beyond similar training, both in terms of format and content, we had a strong common vision.

It was our desire to work with quality raw materials, through very technical bakery processes, such as French bread making or long fermentation, that brought us closer together.

Photographie des formateurs des deux écoles de boulangerie.

Olivier COQUELIN, Tim VAN DALEN, Hans HEILOO and Daan HOIJTINK, bakery trainers.


“ It is essential to be able to share knowledge between schools. This allows our students, bakeries in general, to stay up to date. The cooperation with Atelier m’alice workshop is natural to us because we share the same vision of the bakery, a simple and traditional bakery where the mastery of the basic processes guides the product quality. ”

Tamara Hoogerwaard, Bakery Institute director in Amsterdam.


We are therefore very honoured to share our expertise and know-how to offer quality training about French bakery in the Netherlands ! 

Following the meeting of our teams, we created a training on the theme “Viennoiseries, tradition et fancy breads”.

This improvement class will take place the 30th and 31st of May of 2023 nearby Amsterdam in the Bakery Institute.

It will be intended for professional bakers in the Netherlands and will allow you to better master French bread making and long fermentation.


This masterclass will be given by :

  • François BRANDT international consultant, one of the Bakery Institute founder
  • Olivier COQUELIN Atelier m’alice trainer, who worked all over the world !


Registration open to bakers based in the Netherlands by email :


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